Paola Navone

This white and bright warehouse home was styled by renowned Italian designer Paola Navone. Beautifully minimalistic she has let the space speak for itself by washing the walls and ceilings white, while leaving enough detail to see and feel all of the gaps, crevices and imperfections. I love these details, to me it allows the texture and the materials to speak, I always want to run my hand over these surfaces and feel their story for myself. 

The choice of colour that remains natural grounds the space, with the exception of the hanging bell fireplace all colour choices are connected to or are the floor grounding the space and separating the two levels. By leaving the height white it allows for the rooms to feel light and airy and although it actually created the illusion of more space in an already large space it seems to also create an intimacy where all spaces are blended into one so while you're in the space you cannot clearly differentiate where each room starts and ends. The glow off of the walls and ceiling essentially confuses the senses so that it isn't clear how close the ceiling actually is. It is a very clever use of the space, beware though not all spaces can create this illusion in quite this way, the amount of natural light combined with the space itself here is the key. HERx

white linen sofa with industrial coffee table with oversized wheels, white wash walls and ceilings.
worn timber flooring with merged checkerboard grey tiling, raw timber table and open rooms with industrial details
White wash walls and ceilings  with hanging bell fireplace and dark lounge chairs. Jagged edges timber walkway a midst white, timber and designer.
checkerboard tiling and timber connection, white "balloon" fabric chandiliers above a raw timber table and miss-matched chairs. Timber walkway above..
metal canopy bed with white sheer fabric surrounded by white walls, flowing curtains and contrasting worn timber floors. Worn timber washstand with asymmetrical industrial pendant and grey Moroccan floor tiles.
Grey morroccan floor tiles with antique grey and white free standing bath with sheer curtain. Morroccan grey floor tiles with complimenting grey concrete tiled shower recess.