Joseph Dirand

Joseph Dirands work is subtly beautiful. What could feel quite masculine and strong instead has been softened by combining neutral colours, soft fabrics and natural materials within these sharp angular lines. I really enjoy the detail of the natural materials, the parquetry, marble and the way he harnesses the natural light, it compliments the strong lines beautifully and is simply stunning. Some of the furniture however is not to my taste, a bit too sharp and angular, but it does compliment the spaces and his style well. I would love to live in these spaces, albeit with a few of my own personal touches. HERx

Layered grey's within a bedroom with tall open windows 
Ornate and decorative curved balustrade. Mottled grey hallway with bright light and perfect parquetry. 
White and grey dinning room with contrasting sharp and dark dinning able and gold pendants
Long slim kitchen with zigzag parquetry, dark timber cupboards and marble bench top splash back and shelf.
Stunning double glass doors overlooking an ornate marble kitchen island bench and copper pendant.
View down a hall way through a maze of doors. light sitting room and dark timbers.
Long stunning drapes pooling on the parquetry floor with bold angular furniture.
Light room with ornate grey staircase and a warm timber desk. Bright living room with floor to ceiling doors, contrasting pendant light and stunning copper coffee table.
Solid marble kitchen with breakfast bench.
White bedroom with floor to ceiling doors with subtle contrasting furniture and art.