I love linen

I've been crushing for a while now on everything from I love linen. Lauren's Range is modern, fun and made from beautiful quality fabrics that you just want in every room of you our home. My favourites are split between the pure linen quilt covers and the Turkish cotton blankets (Seriously, I can't decide which I want more!!)

To help with my indecision I have asked Lauren to not only share some of her favourites with you, but to also share what makes them so special. Her passion for her products really shines through, enjoy. HERx 


Pure linen

I am literally in love with this French flax linen, if that's even possible! When I see it, I take a short breath as it makes me so happy imagining myself just completely switching off and enjoying the textural elegance that linen offers. My new collection comes in five very classic and understated colours, and are all beautiful in their own way. While linen is more of an investment compared to cotton sheets, once you switch to linen it's basically impossible to go back again. It's just a classy beautiful fabric and it really makes your whole bedroom feel a bit more luxurious. Linen evokes such a great feeling of relaxed classic style, and the way it drapes over your bed is just beautiful.

Turkish blankets

I work with a group of artisan Turkish weavers who make the most beautiful textiles. When my blankets arrived I was so excited, and these have been so popular. They're so soft and supple and I love the patterns and simple colour ways. They look absolutely incredible on a bed and I have nabbed a black one for myself!


I have a bit of a cushion fetish, I am always changing the cushions on my couch and bed every few weeks. I love my new range, they all mix and match together brilliantly. These prints are some of my personal favourites.

Lauren x


Charcoal bed linen
White Bed Linen
Denim Bed Linen
Checked Turkish Cotton Blanket
Checked Turkish Cotton Blanket
ZigZag Turkish Cotton Blanket
ZigZag Turkish Cotton Blanket
Aztec Monochrome Cushion
J'Adore Cushion Cover
The Love Club Cushion Cover
Club Tropics Cushion Cover
Denim Linen Bed Sheets
Checked Turkish Cotton Blanket