Feast of Merit

I am currently on a new personal mission to get out and explore more of this amazing city that we live in, it seems to be the perfect way to immerse myself in design, art, photography and interior styling to share with you, not to mention finding some pretty funky spaces. Today I'm at the new cafe Feast of Merit in Swan st, Richmond. Run by Ygap it is a socially and environmentally responsible restaurant all profits raised directly support youth and education and leadership programs in Malawi, Ghada, Rwanda, Bangladesh, Cambodia and Australia. 

The decor is very cool, by owning the rough exposed brick of the existing building and adding a light white wash of paint to take the edge off the overpowering natural red it feels open and bright. The tables and chairs are a combination of industrial chic and opp shop favs. I love the huge open windows making you feel like your sitting on the street without being exposed to the unpredictable Melbourne weather. It's obvious that they have taken anything that was donated or pre-loved and utilized it within the space whether is has been for its original intended use or decorative personality, nothing has been wasted.

For such a cool space it's a great example of why there is no reason in this day and age why we aren't using more pre-loved materials in our spaces, whether it be for that special focal piece or for the majority of the functioning items without sacrificing style. HER 

final 3.jpg
Photography by HER Creative.  Please take the time to read more about  YGap  and  Feast of Merit 

Photography by HER Creative.

Please take the time to read more about YGap and Feast of Merit