Art Club Concept

Art Club Concept is a Melbourne based studio who make beautiful art and create fun and modern homeware pieces with them. I love their hand drawn feeling and subtle use of colour. I was recently able to ask Ben Lawrey, founder and Creative Director of Art Club Concept a few questions about his inspiration and vision.       


What drew you from fashion and into interiors/home decor? 

Truthfully, I felt a shift in where my interests were. I always had an  appreciate & love for art but instead fashion was the platform I used for my expression. But then I had a defining moment, it felt right & the time was right to move on from fashion & embark on a new adventure within the creative industry. 

What drives your designs? Do you find this is a constant inspiration or does it change and how often? 

Inspiration is fuelled by the desire to continuously innovate and produce product that resonates on an emotional level. In saying this we’re also inspired by colour themes for each season. For our current collection, Modern Muse, we have a Blush Pink, Soft Icy Grey, Navy & Monochromatic theme which inspired the designs. 

Who's work and their progression do you enjoy watching? 

Street Art ! It’s a forever-evolving canvas full of beauty & complexity. 

What is your favourite piece in this seasons range?

Divided Beauty Wall Art. (shown below, and I confess I think its my favourite too!)

Divided Beauty Wall Art, Art Club Concept

Images by HER Creative