COS Spain

There are many stores, especially within Australia, who are starting to move away from over the top window displays. Most brands are starting to move their budget across to the social media and marketing areas, and doing a great job. But it is sad for the smaller or bespoke retailers to create an atmosphere or call interest to their store within these shopping strips and Malls with a reduced or relocated budget. I love the design and concept that the Apartamento designers have created for the COS windows in both Barcelona and Madrid. Although installed back in 2011 it is definitely a strong and creative way to bring interest and the natural warmth of nature into the stark and artificial environment of the shopping strip. This design could also be "re-invented" throughout a season utilising certain matrierals multiple times and by adding some new materials or themes, for example moving the blocks into different layouts, removing the plants and displaying alone with product or adding highlighted items like black gloss dipped planters or unique scultpures by a local sculpture or raw materials like twine, wool or rope in its various forms. This is a great way into the future for these retailers. HER