Green With Envy

The elegance created within the Chapel Street, Green With Envy store is perfect. David Hicks designs have utilised luxurious and bespoke finishes not usually seen within retail stores. They have used clean strong lines to draw your eye down into the store, these lines also allow for the product to be highlighted simply.

The bespoke artwork is stunning in this space, I actually think that this is one of my favourite pieces. Knowing the brands and colours that they hold at GWE the colours within this piece will always be relevant for their product and never need to be changed. The subtle but eye level branding is also a refreshing and tasteful choice not often seen in retail.

When you walk into this store there is an easy and simple path that takes you the whole way through the store and past each item. As always the buyers collate fabulous strong stories, something that is easy and strong for their merchandisers to create impact within the store. Really fabulous all round. HER