I am amazed in how the detail of the "pop-up" store has evolved over the last few years. Often, brands use this opportunity to not put too much money and effort into a store that will not permanently be within a location for too long... "great, save the money for the re-fit" is usually the attitude. But lately, the quality and innovation that has taken off in this area is really exciting!! It seems like retailer are asking new questions like, "What can we do to get their attention quickly?" or "What would you do that you might not be in trend next year?" or "What hasn't anyone else done yet?" or my favourite "What recycled item may not be suitable for long term use and still look fabulous?"

I love this grid/geoshape construction, for me is answers all of the questions above (including flexibility and re-usability if desired=big money saver!!)  

Based on an ATOM construction, the grids can be formed and created to fit any space.  It was designed by Bonsoir Paris for COS, SS13 showroom. Bonsoir has designed this fabulous space not only with all of the above in mind, it has essentially developed the final piece in an already fabulous seasonal range.  HER


Designed by Bonsoir Paris for COS, SS13