Barcelona Loft

I've always dreamt of having large industrial windows like these in my home. The light that streams in is amazing and I love the frames! To me they're like large picture frames, often with their own quirks and imperfections... the perfect addition to any home.

The selections of furniture do their job well visually (and I'm sure comfortably) by using three strong steps. 1 - The dark furniture grounds the space and creates frames to the large open room. By creating these frames they create very clear destinations for each activity. 2 - With the frames in place each destination has been filled with light practical pieces which become apart of the open white space, allowing the room to breath, reflect light and blend. 3 - Small and subtle highlight pieces have then been added to add life and personality seamlessly moving your eye through the space.

This is such a cleaver decorating method, this is what makes this space magical and calm. HER