Lucca Ilena by Ryutaro Matsurra

Especially working in accessory retail, I can really appreciate a minimal store design like this Lucca Illena store in Osaka.   

One of the biggest conundrums we have is having to fill the space without creating clutter. I love this solution as each shoe is a feature and can be separated by trend without the worry of clashing colours (often left to us to deal with on the shop floor! there are only so many places to hide these "randoms"). I also love how the mesh fills the space creating height (fabulous when your product is so small)  but draws your eye to the shoes placed within the heart of each cage, they aren't distracting. 

Even though I do love this concept there are a few "tweaks" I would make to the final design/finish. I do not like the shoe risers or the odd shoe randomly placed next to them. The stainless steel stands feels like it was an afterthought bought off the shelf and for such a bespoke space this seems a bit odd. Simple white "steps" made in either single, double or triple display areas would allow for changing shoe displays and also would not draw the attention away from the fabulous concept. The store frontage is also really disappointing, being able to see the towers is fabulous, but the flat wall with some sort of door, surly could have been incorporated into the design a bit better? HER