Emma Persson Lagerberg

Ok, so I just found this apartment styled by Emma Persson Lagerberg and am just in love!

I love this cozy, eclectic, lived in look… and don’t be fooled this is a lot harder than it looks to create and even harder to maintain as there is a fine line between unorganized and eclectic.

For me the clincher is the dining room table, I love timber and I especially love mixing timbers together. This has been done so flawlessly and is a perfect centre piece for this home. It also doesn’t compete with any of the other timber detailing throughout this home (and there is a lot!) but instead ties them all together.

Another thing to note it the randomness of the artwork on and by the walls, they may seem unbalanced but really are in perfect balance and harmony with their surrounds. This is quite an achievement and something usually seen to this extent within window displays or galleries. HER


Photography by Petra Bindel