Unlikely Components

I am definitely going through a love affair with lighting at the moment. Let me be clear, not special LED set-ups or those OTT futuristic lighting designs, but stunning bold designs harnessing the old light forms or the innovation within the modern designs. I'm not sure if the designers are just peaking at the moment or if I have been enlightened into the amazing work that they are achieving of late.

The contrast between the two pendants chosen to be featured within this Parisian apartment seems bold but really highlight the organic beauty in both. The glass bulbs are so beautifully organic in their shape and fragility, and the olive and gold cast iron lamps illuminate the earthy gold light creating a warm glow from what would usually be such a cold and sterile material. The designer of the apartment Robert Gervais has subtly included the same round shape, colours and textures throughout other components within the space causing contradictory designs to subconsciously tie together. 

It’s funny, as I have been writing this post and really dissecting some of his design choices, I have realized how Gervais has used really unlikely components (some choices, I don't particularly like) and have joined them seamlessly to create a cohesive and 


space. HER