Height and Light

There are so many things that I love about this space. The beautiful large windows unobstructed from curtains, allowing maximum light to the room. The blank canvas of white across the walls, floors and shelves adding to the perfect light and allowing for the interest to be with the possessions and styling. The black details combined with the soft natural highlights throughout each room.  The clever combination of straight lines with the perfect and subtle placement of curves. The use of the wall fixtures and styling to add height to the rooms without closing in the space.

Each item has been so carefully placed to ensure interest, order and functionality. To me, these are the most important needs in a home. Interest; to be surrounded by your chosen interests, life, family and beautiful things. Order; even when the space is full with ALL of the interests that you want to be surrounded with they each need a home or a specific place to ensure that your house is not messy, hard to keep tidy and most importantly live in. Functionality; life still needs to lived and no one can really live in a gallery space. HER