Castle on a cloud

One of my favourite things in design and display are the creative illusions that designers are able to construct, here the heavy rocks have been installed creating the illusion of weightlessness. The natural weighty materials suspended within the space are contradictory to the man made brazed chain and plastic cloud like structure above.

I love the illumination of the cloud. The dimension, depth and movement of the space is magical, it conjures up an image in my head of a castle on a cloud.

When dissecting the items used, this design reminds me a bit of a window installation that I did at Witchery, years ago. It brings back memories of hours and hours and hours of attaching rocks to twine and rope. For those who have worked in VM they’ll know this similar feeling of endless time and effort when looking at a specific mundane item. Leaves, rocks, branches, beach chairs to name a few still send me back these days in a second.  HER