“Be curious, not judgemental”

Aesop is known around the world for being innovative with their store designs.

My personal fascination is in the unique details they dedicate to each of their stores, one in particular being the choice of materials used based on the location of the store itself.  

The Grand Central Kiosk, New York was constructed with pages from the New York Times.

I love the shapes that were formed with the paper piles that create depth, interest and texture. I also love the raw edges; it is such great symbolism of the raw and natural ingredients used within the skin care itself.

“Be curious, not judgemental.” Walt Whitman, Such an apt quote for Aesop’s methodology, don’t you think?

Regarding the Visual Merchandising the clean lines, easy access and structure is perfect for staff maintenance as well as easy shopping for the customer. The use of the beakers in addition to the cleanly structured lines subconsciously communicates to the customer the perfection and quality within each of the products. HER