Stella McCartney - Paris Gold

Stella, although there are things that she does that are not my ideal style... she always does it perfectly. Her attention to detail, individuality and personal style are always evident.

Here in her store in Paris, France the Architects Hufton + Crow have combined textures and finishes that are in contradiction to one another. The blonde timber sheeting lining the walls compliments the gold metallic dividing walls and architectural highlights through their similar colour tones. The lighting in the store reflects off of the metallic walls creating beautiful shapes across the ceiling but also illuminates the timber sheeting, elevating a product which would usually seen as a cheap timber alternative. This glow creates bright, inviting warmth to the store, perfect for the cold Paris winter.

The grey carpets have been colour matched to the exterior colours of the stonework fading the lines between the exterior and the interior, adding to the welcoming nature of the store.

The Merchandising of the accessories is a particular favourite of mine; the colour matching of the flowers to the highlight colour of the seasonal range is a subtle way to emphasis the product. HER