House of Suki

There is noting better than the knowledge that you have an incredibly special piece within your home, unique just to you. Add to that the feeling of history, drama and endless origin possibilities and you have House of Suki. Created and designed by the lovely Polly Cadden, each piece is hand made and created from vintage Japanese kimonos. The quality, texture and richness of the fabrics are simply stunning (photos will not do them justice). The combinations of fabrics on each piece is perfect, there is not one piece I've seen which doesn't fit together as though they were always intended for the other. With bedheads, throws through to cushions available the combinations are also endless. What makes them particularly magical to me is their possible origins, where were these fabrics worn? What event or location? Who wore them? Something as grand as a large ball or as simple as a magical evening where two people met for the first time, can keep the magic of these pieces alive forever. 


Below are a few of my particular favourites currently on display in a pop-up on Glenferrie Road in Malvern. The colour palettes and prints are endless, make sure you view their site to see the full depth of the range. HERx


Currently on display at 111 Glenferrie Road, Malvern, Melbourne until Thursday 27th November.

Photos by HER Creative. 

Support Local

One of my favourite things is discovering local businesses and their gorgeous products. The quality and creativity are always high and to a detail you just don't see from chain and bulk distributors. Although an old story, I've noticed that so many of the larger retailers are noticeably copying even more from the smaller retailers now that so many of us are supporting these independents. Please don't fall into this trap, support your locals and independent producers and put your money into better designs and higher quality merchandise from truly talented people. HER x

All photos by HER Creative 

Adoring colour

I love the colour pops within this apartment! For those who have been following me (especially my Instagram) you'll know that I love neutrals, pastels and any monochromatic palette but there is something about the colours and pieces in this apartment which I adore. There is a great sense of joy, playfulness and life here, I love it. HER xx

Photo: Janne Olander

Photo: Janne Olander


Blank Canvas

The quality of homes and the styling that is out there are often amazing to me. I have recently started looking at properties for sale around the world and the simplistic styling that I'm finding is so refreshing. Not only is this such a great way to show a home; leaving it open to interpretation, a blank canvas and an easy way for the buyers to envisage their own personality into the space, its also a lovely example of clean, creative and modern styling.

This home (which is currently for sale in Kungsladugårdsgatan, Swedenis so beautifully styled. The white walls and floors bounce and multiply the light perfectly, the simple yet selectively chosen pieces fill the room by making it homely and well designed. HER

KS Hansson
KS Hansson
KS  Hansson
KS Hansson
KS Hansson
KS Hansson
KS Hansson
Photographer: Janne Ohlander Architect: KS Hansson

Photographer: Janne Ohlander
Architect: KS Hansson


I love linen

I've been crushing for a while now on everything from I love linen. Lauren's Range is modern, fun and made from beautiful quality fabrics that you just want in every room of you our home. My favourites are split between the pure linen quilt covers and the Turkish cotton blankets (Seriously, I can't decide which I want more!!)

To help with my indecision I have asked Lauren to not only share some of her favourites with you, but to also share what makes them so special. Her passion for her products really shines through, enjoy. HERx 


Pure linen

I am literally in love with this French flax linen, if that's even possible! When I see it, I take a short breath as it makes me so happy imagining myself just completely switching off and enjoying the textural elegance that linen offers. My new collection comes in five very classic and understated colours, and are all beautiful in their own way. While linen is more of an investment compared to cotton sheets, once you switch to linen it's basically impossible to go back again. It's just a classy beautiful fabric and it really makes your whole bedroom feel a bit more luxurious. Linen evokes such a great feeling of relaxed classic style, and the way it drapes over your bed is just beautiful.

Turkish blankets

I work with a group of artisan Turkish weavers who make the most beautiful textiles. When my blankets arrived I was so excited, and these have been so popular. They're so soft and supple and I love the patterns and simple colour ways. They look absolutely incredible on a bed and I have nabbed a black one for myself!


I have a bit of a cushion fetish, I am always changing the cushions on my couch and bed every few weeks. I love my new range, they all mix and match together brilliantly. These prints are some of my personal favourites.

Lauren x


Charcoal bed linen
White Bed Linen
Denim Bed Linen
Checked Turkish Cotton Blanket
Checked Turkish Cotton Blanket
ZigZag Turkish Cotton Blanket
ZigZag Turkish Cotton Blanket
Aztec Monochrome Cushion
J'Adore Cushion Cover
The Love Club Cushion Cover
Club Tropics Cushion Cover
Denim Linen Bed Sheets
Checked Turkish Cotton Blanket



Paola Navone

This white and bright warehouse home was styled by renowned Italian designer Paola Navone. Beautifully minimalistic she has let the space speak for itself by washing the walls and ceilings white, while leaving enough detail to see and feel all of the gaps, crevices and imperfections. I love these details, to me it allows the texture and the materials to speak, I always want to run my hand over these surfaces and feel their story for myself. 

The choice of colour that remains natural grounds the space, with the exception of the hanging bell fireplace all colour choices are connected to or are the floor grounding the space and separating the two levels. By leaving the height white it allows for the rooms to feel light and airy and although it actually created the illusion of more space in an already large space it seems to also create an intimacy where all spaces are blended into one so while you're in the space you cannot clearly differentiate where each room starts and ends. The glow off of the walls and ceiling essentially confuses the senses so that it isn't clear how close the ceiling actually is. It is a very clever use of the space, beware though not all spaces can create this illusion in quite this way, the amount of natural light combined with the space itself here is the key. HERx

white linen sofa with industrial coffee table with oversized wheels, white wash walls and ceilings.
worn timber flooring with merged checkerboard grey tiling, raw timber table and open rooms with industrial details
White wash walls and ceilings  with hanging bell fireplace and dark lounge chairs. Jagged edges timber walkway a midst white, timber and designer.
checkerboard tiling and timber connection, white "balloon" fabric chandiliers above a raw timber table and miss-matched chairs. Timber walkway above..
metal canopy bed with white sheer fabric surrounded by white walls, flowing curtains and contrasting worn timber floors. Worn timber washstand with asymmetrical industrial pendant and grey Moroccan floor tiles.
Grey morroccan floor tiles with antique grey and white free standing bath with sheer curtain. Morroccan grey floor tiles with complimenting grey concrete tiled shower recess.

Joseph Dirand

Joseph Dirands work is subtly beautiful. What could feel quite masculine and strong instead has been softened by combining neutral colours, soft fabrics and natural materials within these sharp angular lines. I really enjoy the detail of the natural materials, the parquetry, marble and the way he harnesses the natural light, it compliments the strong lines beautifully and is simply stunning. Some of the furniture however is not to my taste, a bit too sharp and angular, but it does compliment the spaces and his style well. I would love to live in these spaces, albeit with a few of my own personal touches. HERx

Layered grey's within a bedroom with tall open windows 
Ornate and decorative curved balustrade. Mottled grey hallway with bright light and perfect parquetry. 
White and grey dinning room with contrasting sharp and dark dinning able and gold pendants
Long slim kitchen with zigzag parquetry, dark timber cupboards and marble bench top splash back and shelf.
Stunning double glass doors overlooking an ornate marble kitchen island bench and copper pendant.
View down a hall way through a maze of doors. light sitting room and dark timbers.
Long stunning drapes pooling on the parquetry floor with bold angular furniture.
Light room with ornate grey staircase and a warm timber desk. Bright living room with floor to ceiling doors, contrasting pendant light and stunning copper coffee table.
Solid marble kitchen with breakfast bench.
White bedroom with floor to ceiling doors with subtle contrasting furniture and art.

Strawberry Dreams

I have recently discovered the styling of Sofia from Strawberry Dreams. Her monochromatic home has such lovely little unique gems found in each corner of each room. Her selections are beautiful made up of a perfect composition of clean strong design pieces, and of rustic and creative pieces, giving each room strong personality without being overpowering and cliche. HERx

Bright monochrome dining with cosy furs
Bright monochrome living with abstract prints
Magazine stacks with a caged industrial pendant
Bright white study with rustic stool, fur and wire details.
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