Clean. Personal. Individual.

Founded on love for the Scandinavian aesthetic, HER Creative is a pursuit of passion for creating unique and dynamic images and spaces.

Based in Melbourne, Heather harnesses her profession of interior and prop styling to achieve a minimalist approach of visual architecture, a vision quite like no other.

Her eye for the simple, understated, and always soothing is what makes HER Creative a sensory overload of clean and creative interiors and inspirational imagery across all fields of lifestyle and design.

HER unique interpretation of architectural design highlights the importance of spaces being crucial to leading a well-balanced and harmonious lifestyle.  Spaces we go to, relax, entertain, and find solitude from the daily grind. They speak volumes about our interests and personal aesthetic and are a narrative for our lives.  A narrative of what is possible in any given environment.  The space is simply the beginning.  

With a true appreciation for interiors, HER continues to always evolve while collaborating with some Australia’s most renowned retailers.  Her refined aesthetic of interior and prop styling can help you complete your creative vision.