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One of my favourite things is discovering local businesses and their gorgeous products. The quality and creativity are always high and to a detail you just don't see from chain and bulk distributors. Although an old story, I've noticed that so many of the larger retailers are noticeably copying even more from the smaller retailers now that so many of us are supporting these independents. Please don't fall into this trap, support your locals and independent producers and put your money into better designs and higher quality merchandise from truly talented people. HER x

All photos by HER Creative 

I love linen

I've been crushing for a while now on everything from I love linen. Lauren's Range is modern, fun and made from beautiful quality fabrics that you just want in every room of you our home. My favourites are split between the pure linen quilt covers and the Turkish cotton blankets (Seriously, I can't decide which I want more!!)

To help with my indecision I have asked Lauren to not only share some of her favourites with you, but to also share what makes them so special. Her passion for her products really shines through, enjoy. HERx 


Pure linen

I am literally in love with this French flax linen, if that's even possible! When I see it, I take a short breath as it makes me so happy imagining myself just completely switching off and enjoying the textural elegance that linen offers. My new collection comes in five very classic and understated colours, and are all beautiful in their own way. While linen is more of an investment compared to cotton sheets, once you switch to linen it's basically impossible to go back again. It's just a classy beautiful fabric and it really makes your whole bedroom feel a bit more luxurious. Linen evokes such a great feeling of relaxed classic style, and the way it drapes over your bed is just beautiful.

Turkish blankets

I work with a group of artisan Turkish weavers who make the most beautiful textiles. When my blankets arrived I was so excited, and these have been so popular. They're so soft and supple and I love the patterns and simple colour ways. They look absolutely incredible on a bed and I have nabbed a black one for myself!


I have a bit of a cushion fetish, I am always changing the cushions on my couch and bed every few weeks. I love my new range, they all mix and match together brilliantly. These prints are some of my personal favourites.

Lauren x


 Charcoal bed linen
 White Bed Linen
 Denim Bed Linen
 Checked Turkish Cotton Blanket
  Checked Turkish Cotton Blanket
  ZigZag Turkish Cotton Blanket
  ZigZag Turkish Cotton Blanket
 Aztec Monochrome Cushion
  J'Adore Cushion Cover
 The Love Club Cushion Cover
 Club Tropics Cushion Cover
 Denim Linen Bed Sheets
  Checked Turkish Cotton Blanket



Casa Bosques

This is my new favourite shop!!! Designed bu Savvy Studio, Casa Bosques Bookshop in Mexico City is quirky, bold, simple and homely!! ... seriously, the perfect book store! The raw timber edges are entrancing, the neutral colours also help add contrast and allow the books to pop! I also love the subtle play on the raw materials used, from hard timber to refined paper. HER

  Designed by   Savvy Studio   in collaboration with Jorge Diego Etienne   Photography by Alejandro Cartagena

Designed by Savvy Studio in collaboration with Jorge Diego Etienne
Photography by Alejandro Cartagena


COS Spain

There are many stores, especially within Australia, who are starting to move away from over the top window displays. Most brands are starting to move their budget across to the social media and marketing areas, and doing a great job. But it is sad for the smaller or bespoke retailers to create an atmosphere or call interest to their store within these shopping strips and Malls with a reduced or relocated budget. I love the design and concept that the Apartamento designers have created for the COS windows in both Barcelona and Madrid. Although installed back in 2011 it is definitely a strong and creative way to bring interest and the natural warmth of nature into the stark and artificial environment of the shopping strip. This design could also be "re-invented" throughout a season utilising certain matrierals multiple times and by adding some new materials or themes, for example moving the blocks into different layouts, removing the plants and displaying alone with product or adding highlighted items like black gloss dipped planters or unique scultpures by a local sculpture or raw materials like twine, wool or rope in its various forms. This is a great way into the future for these retailers. HER

Aesop - Stacked

Aesop's recent pop-up store in Tokyo was designed by stacking utilitarian chairs, creating walls and display shelves.

This is such a clever way to create a temporary and useable space. It would be good to see more companies utilise such a simple method and materials to adapt these pop-up stores for their needs. However, I'm not sure if the shelves created by how the chairs are stacked are too deep and awkward for customers to really access the products. Also being aware of the dreaded pram (let alone the double pram), children and general customer clumsiness, it makes me nervous thinking what may happen if the stacks were bumped in just the wrong way?! I'm sure these were secured suitably but it does still make me nervous.

Overall stunning example of Aesop innovation and creativity. HER


Our Legacy

Our Legacy store by Arrhov Frick, Gothenburg – Sweden

I love the raw canvas of the slightly decaying store interior. It is a perfect backdrop for the minimal and simple store fixtures. The quirky and at times asymmetrical merchandising adds to the interest of the store. The few small pot plants are also such sweet and personal addition. This style of store design and merchandising is refreshing and a lovely environment to shop in, I wish all retail adapted such personal touches. HER



Green With Envy

The elegance created within the Chapel Street, Green With Envy store is perfect. David Hicks designs have utilised luxurious and bespoke finishes not usually seen within retail stores. They have used clean strong lines to draw your eye down into the store, these lines also allow for the product to be highlighted simply.

The bespoke artwork is stunning in this space, I actually think that this is one of my favourite pieces. Knowing the brands and colours that they hold at GWE the colours within this piece will always be relevant for their product and never need to be changed. The subtle but eye level branding is also a refreshing and tasteful choice not often seen in retail.

When you walk into this store there is an easy and simple path that takes you the whole way through the store and past each item. As always the buyers collate fabulous strong stories, something that is easy and strong for their merchandisers to create impact within the store. Really fabulous all round. HER



I am amazed in how the detail of the "pop-up" store has evolved over the last few years. Often, brands use this opportunity to not put too much money and effort into a store that will not permanently be within a location for too long... "great, save the money for the re-fit" is usually the attitude. But lately, the quality and innovation that has taken off in this area is really exciting!! It seems like retailer are asking new questions like, "What can we do to get their attention quickly?" or "What would you do that you might not be in trend next year?" or "What hasn't anyone else done yet?" or my favourite "What recycled item may not be suitable for long term use and still look fabulous?"

I love this grid/geoshape construction, for me is answers all of the questions above (including flexibility and re-usability if desired=big money saver!!)  

Based on an ATOM construction, the grids can be formed and created to fit any space.  It was designed by Bonsoir Paris for COS, SS13 showroom. Bonsoir has designed this fabulous space not only with all of the above in mind, it has essentially developed the final piece in an already fabulous seasonal range.  HER


Designed by Bonsoir Paris for COS, SS13