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Sleep Perfection

I have always been fairly obsessed with getting a good night sleep. I have struggled with sleep on and off over the last few years and am always hunting for what I can do to get that perfect night, every night... I feel your room should be a sanctuary, you need to feel stress free when you step in and fill it with things that make your life better - for me that means luxurious quality and beautiful design. Recently I was able to try the new SleepMaker Cocoon and have been amazed with how quickly it was to settle in, and each night keeps getting better. My favourite, I could be sleeping alone, there are no interruptions from your partner... A-maz-ing!!

For anyone who purchases a SleepMaker Cocoon bed before 4th December you will go into the draw to WIN two flights to New York with tickets to a New York Fashion Week show! (AMAZING!!) Visit to find your nearest store and enter. Good Luck!!! HERxxx

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Images by HER Creative Β 

Art Club Concept

Art Club Concept is a Melbourne based studio who make beautiful art and create fun and modern homeware pieces with them. I love their hand drawn feeling and subtle use of colour. I was recently able to ask Ben Lawrey, founder and Creative Director of Art Club Concept a few questions about his inspiration and vision.       


What drew you from fashion and into interiors/home decor? 

Truthfully, I felt a shift in where my interests were. I always had an  appreciate & love for art but instead fashion was the platform I used for my expression. But then I had a defining moment, it felt right & the time was right to move on from fashion & embark on a new adventure within the creative industry. 

What drives your designs? Do you find this is a constant inspiration or does it change and how often? 

Inspiration is fuelled by the desire to continuously innovate and produce product that resonates on an emotional level. In saying this we’re also inspired by colour themes for each season. For our current collection, Modern Muse, we have a Blush Pink, Soft Icy Grey, Navy & Monochromatic theme which inspired the designs. 

Who's work and their progression do you enjoy watching? 

Street Art ! It’s a forever-evolving canvas full of beauty & complexity. 

What is your favourite piece in this seasons range?

Divided Beauty Wall Art. (shown below, and I confess I think its my favourite too!)

Divided Beauty Wall Art, Art Club Concept

Images by HER Creative

Shareen Joel - H + M

H + M Residence by Shareen Joel has such striking contrast displayed within the one home. I find such beauty if black or dark charcoal walls. It allows for stunning contrasts and purposeful features. To tie this bold room in with the rest of the house, which is so bright with noticeable pops of colour and whimsy, she has brought through bold and obvious  lines of black and charcoal. It creates a strong and fluid collection of colours and creates and unity within the contrasts. HER


Pipkorn + Kilpatrick

I adore the warmth created within this minimal home designed by Anna Pipkorn and Jane Kilpatrick  of Melbourne based design firm, Pipkorn & Kilpatrick. The choice of timber and highlights of felt design touches add this warmth within the otherwise stark white home. I'm always in awe of how these simple choices can add such a homely and personal feeling within our homes, eliminating the need for over the top or obvious additions, allowing for more of "us" to be addedd . The design lines that have been created are so simple yet calming, practical and timeless.  HERx

Pipkorn and Kilpatrick
Pipkorn and Kilpatrick
Pipkorn and Kilpatrick
Pipkorn and Kilpatrick
Pipkorn and Kilpatrick
Pipkorn and Kilpatrick
Pipkorn and Kilpatrick
Pipkorn and Kilpatrick
Pipkorn and Kilpatrick
Pipkorn and Kilpatrick
Pipkorn and Kilpatrick
Pipkorn and Kilpatrick

PHOTOGRAPHER: Christine Francis


Engaging Women

I was recently approached by the lovely Martine Harte from Engaging Women to feature my home on her inspirational site. To say I was flattered was an understatement, to be featured beside these women is a great highlight for me personally.

We had a fun time, often laughing at my overly dramatic and glamorous cat, while Martine made me aware of all of the unique and special pieces I have been lucky enough to collect in my home.

Please follow the link here to see all of the photos and the full interview. HER

Engaging Women - HER Creative

Photography by Tania Savage, Courtesy of Engaging Women


Shareen Joel - J Residence

Clean, conscious and concise this home designed by Shareen Joel is beautiful. I adore this restrained palette and perfectly selected pieces. I know I talk a lot about peace and calm but to me a home in this day should be designed like the J Residence combating the crazy of the outside world, I know I can find it hard to maintain this peace at the best of times. To surround yourself with a peaceful home creates the perfect sanctuary and saves a great deal of money in the long run trying to re-create, purchase and escape through day spas, holidays and a like. Once you've achieved this level of design don't stop from then adding you, your family and what makes you who you are. But when these are added consciously to the peaceful base design you can't go wrong. HER


Fulham Sanctury

I'm currently experiencing a love affair with blonde exposed timber. I can't get enough of the complexity of colour within each board, the natural art each ring of that beautiful tree created and its ability to add warmth and brightness to any space without having to add endless amounts of colour. The joy of this is also that each piece develops with age and wear, which is also present throughout every corner of this home. 

This stunning Fulham home owned and designed by Daniel and Emma Lee has mindfully incorporated this timber throughout their home and has paired it back with so many beautiful and select pieces. Their selections are minimal but warm in their sentimentality and therefore further adding depth and warmth without clutter. The colour palate is soft and calming, this home is the most beautiful sanctuary from the outer world. HER

Photographed by Rory Gardiner.


Guillaume Alan

Designed by Architect and furniture designer Guillaume Alan, this peaceful Parisian apartment has been designed with a perfect combination of modern and timeless drama. The bold, strong lines although seem visually prominent throughout the space are off set by an accompanying line which is soft and subtle creating a serine lightness and calm. I have a particular obsession with these billowing "crunchy" curtains, the way they capture the light and the texture contrast they create on the timber flooring is divine.

I never seem to be able to get past the wonderful illusion and space that can be created when working with one colour tone. Although this gorgeous apartment isn't shy of space, by using the same tone across the features not only creates the illusion of more space but it also allows for more depth, texture and warmth to be added to each room without needed to commit to a colour or unneeded feature. 

Known for unifying furniture and their surrounds into a seamless experience, Guillaume Alan's design eye is flawless.  HER

Images from Guillaume Alan, find more of his stunning work here


Penney + Bennett

I recently discovered the gorgeous designs of New Zealand brand Penney and Bennett. They capture such beautiful organic lines on stunning fabrics. Their colour selections are also rich and earthy and lovely additions to any pallette. 

Black thatch linen pillowslip is simply stunning to touch and their quality of finishing is perfect. HERx

  Penney + Bennett  black thatch linen pillowslip   Lumira  balinese ylang ylang candle   The Fifth Watches  all black watch

Penney + Bennett black thatch linen pillowslip

Lumira balinese ylang ylang candle

The Fifth Watches all black watch