Pamela Hanson

Pamela Hanson's photography draws out your emotions. Upon scrolling through the selection below you feel everything from freedom, love, happiness, sensuality, joy and fun. I'm not sure why I feel this more in her work than others, I find it's one thing to enjoy and appreciate peoples work but with Hanson's photography I really crack a smile or I feel like running down a street with girlfriends with all my worries completely gone. This is so powerful and to add this type of work to your home would add to the carefree sanctuary that all of our homes should be.

I also enjoy the diversity of her work, from capturing fashion, period pieces through to celebrities she is an artist who cannot be pigeon holed or labelled. I cannot wait to see whats next. HERx


Burburry Prorsum

After a conversation this morning about prints and trends I thought it was interesting that this new Burburry Prorsum collection came up in my email! Although this may be considered on the lighter side of print on print styling, I believe this is such a strong collection featuring bold and contrasting prints, textures, fabric and finishes captured harmoniously together within this editorial by Ssense, named Check Mate. 

The subtle androgyny of the styling is very clever and ties the gender looks together brilliantly. It has also drawn my eye down through the range highlighting the similarities in the two ranges, for example the slight styling differences in the two leopard jackets. HER.

Β Models: Stephanie Shiu (Next) / Hugo Labrecque (Folio) Hair & Makeup: Paco Puertas (L β€˜Eloi)